About Raffacle

Handwritten Chalkboards & Signs

Weddings | Events | Business | Personal

Raffacle is made up of a husband & wife who love to create & design. We specialise in DIY, Craft Accessories such as bespoke signage for Weddings, Events and Businesses.

‘Raffacle’ is created from both our last names Rafferty + Barnacle = Raffacle 

Thank you for supporting our small business!  ~ Liam & Sinead.

Getting Married?
Congratulations!  This is a really exciting time, however a wedding can lead to a lot of organising. Hopefully with our help you’ll gain some wedding idea inspiration to wow your guests and show off your personalities on your special day.  Leaving you with peace of mind and cherished memories.

– The only cure for love is marriage.

The people behind Raffacle